<333 the CYD! can't wait to see what these folks do in Doha…


by Megan Van Buskirk

Last week, all of the CYD delegates finally met!

I was so stoked to finally put faces to the emails we’ve been shooting back and forth for months and months. All of the CYD-ers met in Ottawa before PowerShift 2012 (a conference that brought together nearly 1200 youth from across Canada to work towards real solutions to climate injustice).

We spent our time together strategizing a kick-ass framework, all the while getting to know more about each other and the reasons why each of us are passionate about climate justice. Our time together helped us form into a strong and cohesive team. The result: the foundations of a very successful framework for COP18. We are such a diverse group of people. We are fighting different fights, but from our differences comes strength and an all-encompassing perspective.

I’ve learned that my fellow delegates (and friends) are fighting…

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