A Perspective on Working for the Energy Action Coalition

Chloe was arrested with me at Tar Sands Action; we shared the same police vehicle that carted us off to be processed for sitting-in at the White House. her powerful words echo some of the feelings I’d walked away from Power Shift with – but more importantly, this letter is a perfect example of what it means to be a true ally.

thank you so much, Chloe, for taking this bold stand and encouraging us all to walk the talk in our quest for climate justice.

Open Letter to Energy Action Coalition



Dear Energy Action Coalition,

“What are the implications for a social justice movement in which power and resources are being transferred based on one’s ability to develop a relationship with the right white people?”

-Tiffany Lethabo King & Eware Osayande

I write this letter out of compassion and frustration.  This feedback is not directed at you as individuals, but rather the organizational culture that I experienced this summer at EAC, culminating this past weekend at Power Shift, where I resigned from EAC staff on Sunday. 

First and foremost, I want to make clear that I am not trying to work toward resolution, nor do I feel it is my responsibility to offer tangible solutions and answers for the issues present within EAC’s culture.  I have no investment in improving an organization I feel will ultimately be ineffective if it continues to operate in the way I experienced and observed. …

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