How Beyoncé is saving the planet with her new album

so this is great and all, but I’m pretty sure this is the saddest thing I’ve read about Beyonce’s album. yes, I’m a climate activist and hardcore Beyonce fan, but make no mistake: this album is about feminism. no other cause gets to claim it.
and if we’re going to talk about how Queen Bey is saving the world, let’s talk about how this record, with tracks like “Flawless” and “Pretty Hurts,” will inspire women around the world to break through the oppressive grapples of patriarchy and be the leaders the world desperately needs them to be. let’s talk about how, if done correctly, this new surge of empowerment could lead to decreased sales in cancer-causing cosmetics and skin care products, not to mention non-economic benefits like raising self-esteem, decreasing bullying and suicide rates among young women.
as much as I applaud Grist’s attempt to connect itself to the whirlwind that is #YONCE, it should probably… not do this anymore.
just my two cents.


Last Friday, in an act of screw-you-I’m-Beyoncé badassness, the singer and Columbia Records dropped her entire self-titled fifth album exclusively for digital download on iTunes. Of course, it’s not the first digital launch, but it’s one of the most successful: So far, “Beyoncé” has smashed records, moving more than 800,000 electronic copies in just three days to become the U.S. iTunes Store’s fastest selling album ever; it is currently No. 1 on iTunes in 104 countries, and it’s only a matter of time before it takes pole position on the Billboard 200. As Beyoncé raps on the track “Flawless”: Bow down bitches.

While the world collectively freaks out over the singer’s scarily impeccable secrecy (a leaky NSA could learn a few tricks), let’s take a moment to enjoy what Beyoncé’s digital-first release means for the planet. Given its size, and recent industry trends, this may well be one of the most…

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