Five Things Friday

I’m taking a page from my friend Kait’s blog on sharing five true things; I’m adapting it a bit for my wordiness and scatterbrainedness in an attempt to form a regular blog schedule of sorts.

I just bought a bunch of plants! Home Depot had a five for $10 sale, so I got strawberries, okra, two types of tomatoes and a red bell pepper plant. I also got some fish fertilizer and have been treating the seedlings, as well as some garlic I managed to sprout from some store-bought cloves. I really hope they do well in this unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately…

I started reading Wangari Maathai’s memoir, Unbowed, but it’s slow goings compared to The Hunger Games – embarrassing to admit, but true. Maybe because I had no idea what to expect from the latter, while with the former I kinda know how the story goes…?

Rehashing my experiences, feelings, insights, etc. about Power Shift and the youth climate movement is exhausting. As I’m starting the process, though, I can feel the weights being lifted; if nothing else, it’s slightly cathartic, for me, so it seems good enough reason to go through with it.

The apartment complexes right outside my window are adding stories; a construction worker just popped out of a window that did not exist before this afternoon. For the first time since living here I will have to worry about people possibly being able to see into my room… creepy! (Maybe.)


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