It’s my sister’s birthday!

… and I didn’t get her anything. I’m terrible, but at least I called (and left a message) to greet her this morning. She’s 19 and so amazing – definitely much more mature and talented than I was at that age.

I’ve attended a few events as part of Holy Week and the lead-up to Easter. While the religious parts are nice, food is usually what I look forward to most at these kinds of things. At my uncle’s and his Jewish partner’s Passover gathering Monday night I had, among other things, gefilte fish and haroset, beef brisket and a really amazing german chocolate cake cupcake with sugar pearls. At a Pabasa celebration on Tuesday I tried for the first time ginataang bilo-bilo and a Filipino tamale, made with rice flour and banana leaves instead of the traditional masa and corn husks. (I also helped myself to karioka, which I never get to eat, but I digress.) The rest of the week won’t include food but instead long Easter Mass ceremonies; I’m hoping to go somewhere awesome for brunch/lunch with my family on Sunday.

The plants I bought last week are doing SO well. After repotting them a couple times and pumping them with fish fertilizer the strawberries and tomato plants are already beginning to bear fruit. The red bell pepper needs to blossom but I think it’s doing alright; the okra isn’t doing that well but I repotted it the other day so hopefully it gets better. Yesterday I even started germinating some lettuce and collard green seeds, some of which have already sprouted 😀

I think I’m going to try this emotional spring cleaning thing I found on Pinterest a couple days ago. It seems like it’d be a more efficient, less stressful way of dealing with all my post-Power Shift, post-climate activism stuff.

Next week my grandma doesn’t have any ESL classes to teach – it’s kind of like her Spring Break – so we’re going to do some actual spring cleaning: scrubbing, dusting and general reorganizing. It’s an opportunity to get rid of the mountains of clutter around the house; it’s really just something my grandma has needed to do for decades now, so I’m looking forward to helping her put all her various affairs in order.


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